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The information on this web site has been gathered from many different sources over a 40 year time period. I have most of the original letters from ancestors of Karl Frederick and Charles August, these letters were personal letters to myself or John Otto Tinius.  A number of letters have information that I will not publish on this web site as it contain dates and other personal data. If you would like copies of these they will be provided upon request. Some of the data was gotten from the National Archives and is on legal size paper.






Karl Frederich Tinius was born Abt. 1805 in the town of Hermsdorf, Brandenberg, Prussia, and  immigrated to this country in 1856 and settled in Breckenridge county Kentucky. Between 1860 and 1870 he moved to Jefferson county, to Portland a suburb of Louisville. In 1873his second wife died and was buried in Portland Cemetery. He moved back to Breckenridge county and died at the home of his oldest son Charles and is buried in the Mount Joseph Cemetery, near the town of Holt.

Charles August Tinius was born 1834 in the town of Grabendorf, Brandenberg, Prussia and immigrated to this country in 1854 and origin ally settled in Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, he worked in is trade as a cabinet maker until December 1859, he moved to Breckenridge County, near Holt Kentucky where he married Ann Caroline Berrich and purchased one hundred seventy five acres and named his farm Mount Joesph Vinyard and Orchard. Charles was blind for a time before he died, but he always believed that he would get his eye sight back he died in 1905 and his wife Caroline died in 1906 and they are both buried in Mount Joseph Cemetery.

On the map you will find Grabendorf and Hermsdorf  highlighted in sort of a yellow-green, this is where our ancestors were  born.


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