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Sixth Generation

135.  George Richard Bratcher was born on 25 Jan 1910 and died on 31 Oct 1992 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.

     George married Josephine Lane on 28 Feb 1931. Josephine was born on 24 Apr 1909 and died on 19 Mar 2000 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.

 Children from this marriage were:

         318   F         i.        Mary Ruth Bratcher was born on 14 Aug 1931 and died on 9 May 1932.

         319   F       ii.        Shirley Bratcher was born on 12 Jan 1938 and died on 24 Oct 2004.

         320   F      iii.        Grace Lavonne Bratcher

 136.  Roy Buford Bratcher was born on 23 Mar 1912 and died on 15 Jun 2003 in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.

     Roy married Dorothy Louise Davis on 28 Jan 1940. Dorothy was born on 5 Jan 1917 and died on 30 Aug 2002 in Ownesboro, Daviess Co., KY.

 Children from this marriage were:

         321   F         i.        Nancy Elizebeth Bratcher

         322   M      ii.        David William Bratcher

 139.  Martin Ellis Bratcher was born on 13 Jun 1916 and died on 28 Jun 1996.

     Martin married Marinell Harris on 9 Jan 1942. Marinell was born on 4 Mar 1913 and died on 21 Sep 1999.

 Children from this marriage were:

         323   F         i.        Mary Martin Bratcher

         324   M      ii.        Martin Ellis Bratcher

 140.  Charles Ethridge Bratcher was born on 11 Jun 1919 and died on 6 Feb 2007 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.

     Charles married Verna Marie Raley on 24 Oct 1942. Verna was born on 18 Jul 1923 and died on 28 Jan 1946.

 Children from this marriage were:

         325   M       i.        Charles Ethridge Bratcher was born on 1 May 1944 and died in Nov 1978 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.

         326   M      ii.        George Andrew Bratcher

     Charles next married Emma Alvey Neuenkirk on 27 Sep 1947. Emma was born on 10 Sep 1921 and died on 5 Aug 1988.

 The child from this marriage was:

         327   F         i.        Barba Jean Bratcher

 143.  Mary Marguirite Bratcher

     Mary married Carl Willam Knott. Carl was born on 3 Oct 1920 and died on 31 Jan 1970.

 The child from this marriage was:

         328   F         i.        Carol Jean Knott

     Mary next married Albert Ray Barner. Albert was born on 3 Dec 1909 and died on 16 Jan 1962.

 Children from this marriage were:

         329   M       i.        Anthony Ray Barner was born on 28 May 1960 and died on 28 May 1960.

         330   M      ii.        Albert Ray Barner

     Mary next married Thomas B. Bell.

 145.  Vera Olga Tinius was born on 22 Mar 1914 and died in Dec 1985.

     Vera married Richard Spicer Saunders on 21 Feb 1933. Richard was born on 2 Dec 1909 and died on 3 Feb 1976.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    331   M       i.        Richard Lee Saunders

   +    332   F       ii.        Cheryl Beth Saunders

 147.  Carl Frederick Basham Tinius was born on 19 Jun 1919, died on 14 Jun 1990, and was buried on 19 Jun 1990 in Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis MO.

     Carl married Helen Nies, daughter of John Allen Nies and Meta Matthiesen,  on 1 Jan 1940. Helen was born on 4 Dec 1919 in Saint Louis MO. and died on 24 Nov 2007 in Dacono,     Co..

 Children from this marriage were:

  +    333   M       i.        Vaughn Douglas Tinius

         334   M      ii.        Martin Edison Tinius was born on 13 Feb 1945 and died on 30 Sep 1948.

   +    335   F      iii.        Susan Marie Tinius

   +    336   F      iv.        Margarette Ann Tinius

     Carl next married Grace Davis.

 148.  Pearl Anetta Tinius was born on 14 Mar 1921 and died in Jan 1986 in MO.

     Pearl married Joseph Leslie Schwartz on 11 Jul 1938. Joseph was born on 17 Mar 1914 and died on 9 Jun 1988 in MO..

 Children from this marriage were:

         337   M       i.        Allen Leslie Schwartz was born on 6 Jun 1939 and died on 6 Jun 1939.

   +    338   F       ii.        Kay Anita Schwartz

   +    339   M     iii.        Donald Leslie Schwartz

   +    340   M     iv.        Ronald Clyde Schwartz

 149.  Mary Lee Tinius was born on 18 Jan 1921 and died on 16 Nov 1992 in Doniphan, Ripley, MO.

     Mary married Noel Haskins on 5 Jul 1940 in Jefferson Co., Missouri. Noel was born on 26 Apr 1913 and died on 11 Apr 2001 in Doniphan, Ripley, MO.

 The child from this marriage was:

         341   M       i.        Jerry Wayne Haskins was born on 8 Nov 1943 and died on 28 May 2000.

     Jerry married Patricia Jean Gimeno.

 151.  Charles Stephen Tinius was born on 17 Mar 1919 in Douglas, KS and died on 27 Feb 1994 in Wictcha, Sedgwick, KS.

     Charles married Margaret Jaunita Stephens on 2 Jun 1940 in Tulsa, OK. Margaret was born on 26 Jul 1919 in West Virginia and died on 22 May 1993 in Wictcha, Sedgwick, KS.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    342   M       i.        Charles Robert Tinius

         343   F       ii.        Judith Ann Tinius

    Judith married Raymond Jerrold Phillips.

   +    344   M     iii.        Timothy Stephen Tinius

   +    345   M     iv.        Paul Barry Tinius

 152.  Mildred Love Tinius was born on 1 Jun 1921 in Mulvane, KS and died on 28 Apr 2005 in Tampa, FL.,.

     Mildred married Lenoard Edward Swahn.

 Children from this marriage were:

         346   M       i.        Sidney Warren Swahn

         347   F       ii.        Marilyn Ann Swahn

 153.  Robert Hudson Tinius

     Robert married Peggy Joy Turner.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    348   M       i.        Michael Allen Tinius

   +    349   M      ii.        Mark Edward Tinius was born on 18 Jul 1956 in Pratt, KS, died on 5 May 1997, and was buried on 7 May 1997 in Greenwood Cemetary, Fort Worth, TX.

         350   F      iii.        Marla Gayle Tinius

     Marla married Sephten P Touchstone.

 157.  Darlene Elvera Tinius was born on 13 Apr 1928 in Oxford, KS, died on 3 Apr 2004 in Kankakee, IL, and was buried on 6 Apr 2004 in Mount Calvary Cemetery.

     Darlene married James Lyle Harshbarger on 25 Mar 1981. James was born on 23 Jul 1913 and died on 29 Aug 1999 in Kankakee, IL.

 Children from this marriage were:

         351   M       i.        Michael Lyle Harshbarger

     Michael married Ellen Faye Bertrand, daughter of Lionel Bertrand and Agnes Graveline.

         352   F       ii.        Sherlyn Kay Harshbarger was born on 31 Dec 1946 in Kankakee, IL, died on 31 Dec 1946 in Kankakee, IL, and was buried in Mound Grove Cemetary, Kankakee, IL.

         353   F      iii.        Patrica Ann Harshbarger was born on 30 Dec 1947 in Kankakee, IL, died on 30 Dec 1947 in Kankakee, IL, and was buried in Mound Grove Cemetary, Kankakee, IL.

     Darlene next married Maurice Leo Brandt.

     Darlene next married Paul Allen St. Germain on 5 Jun 1965 in Kankakee, IL. Paul was born on 12 Feb 1907 in Kankakee, IL and died in Mar 1975.

 Children from this marriage were:

         354   F         i.        Norma Jean St. Germain

   +    355   F       ii.        Linda Louise St. Germain

 158.  Lester Ray Barlow was born on 28 Nov 1918 and died on 5 Nov 1991.

     Lester married Nelda Florance Ruffer on 24 Jun 1943. Nelda was born on 20 Aug 1924 and died on 9 May 1996.

 Children from this marriage were:

         356   M       i.        Gerald Ray Barlow

         357   M      ii.        David Lee Barlow

         358   M     iii.        Vernon Lester Barlow

         359   M     iv.        Marvin Jay Barlow

 159.  Mabel Mae Barlow

     Mabel married Walter Edward Kluth. Walter was born on 2 Nov 1914 in Stickney, SD and died in Nov 1974 in Sunnyside, WA.

 Children from this marriage were:

         360   M       i.        Walter Ewart Kluth

         361   M      ii.        Michael David Kluth

         362   F      iii.        Karen Mae Kluth

 161.  Mollie Jean Barlow was born on 1 Aug 1925 and died on 28 Apr 2011 in Escondido, San Diego, CA.

     Mollie married Harold Everett Fairbanks on 4 Oct 1944 in Riverside, CA. Harold was born on 25 Jan 1920 and died on 20 Jun 1961.

 The child from this marriage was:

         363   F         i.        Barbara Jean Fairbanks

 162.  William Roger Barlow was born on 11 Jul 1929 and died on 31 Oct 2002 in Graham, Pierce County, WA.

     William married Joyce Juanita Toth.

 Children from this marriage were:

         364   M       i.        William Roger Barlow

         365   M      ii.        Gary Orval Barlow

         366   F      iii.        Claudia Mae Barlow

 163.  Esther Hilve Tinius was born on 18 Dec 1925 in Grandview, WA and died on 8 Sep 1977.

     Esther married Jack Warren Sweeney, son of Inez Marie Sweeney,  on 1 May 1953 in Seattle, WA. Jack was born on 12 Jun 1923 in Seattle, WA. and died on 19 Mar 1963 in Kent.

 Children from this marriage were:

         367   F         i.        Candis Marie Sweeney

   +    368   M      ii.        David Craig Sweeney

 164.  Rose Marie Tinius was born on 4 Apr 1928, died on 24 Nov 2001 in Puyallup, WA, and was buried on 28 Nov 2001 in Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA.

     Rose married Arthur Paul Baydo on 18 Sep 1948. Arthur was born on 22 Jun 1925 in Buckley, Washington, died on 7 Dec 2013 in Dupont, Washington, and was buried on 12 Dec 2013      in Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA.

 Children from this marriage were:

         369   F         i.        Christina Lynne Baydo

     Christina married Lynn Orville Johnson.

         370   F       ii.        Diana Louise Baydo

 166.  Bert Larue Tinius was born on 20 Oct 1928 in Grandview, WA, died on 12 Apr 2001 in North Highlands, Sacramento, CA, and was buried in East Lawn Sierra Hills, 5757 Greenback Lane, Sacramento, CA 95841.

     Bert married Helen Lucille Berkel, daughter of Arthur Berkel and Bessie Anderson,  on 17 Jun 1949 in Belleville, IL. Helen was born on 8 Nov 1923 in Belleville, IL and died on 5     Sep 2009 in North Highlands, Sacramento, CA.

 Children from this marriage were:

         371   F         i.        Daisy Mae Tinius

     Daisy married Roger P. Esra.

         372   M      ii.        Robert Frank Tinius

     Robert married Beth A Brown.

         373   M     iii.        Bruce Larue Tinius

   +    374   F      iv.        Ramona Tinius

 167.  Fern Eilene Tinius was born on 26 Jul 1930 in Grandview, WA and died on 22 Oct 2006 in St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, Pearce Co. WA.

     Fern married Andrew John Walsh, son of Henry Edmond Walsh and Mary Zilda Grandbois,  on 4 Nov 1947. Andrew was born on 12 Apr 1924 in Medicine Lake, Montana and died     on 16 May 1992 in Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    375   F         i.        Marie Louise Walsh

   +    376   M      ii.        Harry Patrick Walsh

   +    377   M     iii.        Donald Larue Walsh

   +    378   F      iv.        Darlene Marilyn Walsh

         379   M      v.        Rex Micheal Walsh was born on 9 Sep 1954 and died on 13 Aug 2013 in Tacoma, Peirce Co. WA.

   +    380   F      vi.        Teresa Eilene Walsh

   +    381   F     vii.        Catherine Ann Walsh

   +    382   M  viii.        Mathias Tyler Walsh

 168.  Donald Arthur Tinius

     Donald married Marilyn Diane Jensen, daughter of Sanford Alf Jensen and Norma Irene Wheeler.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    383   M       i.        Gregory Donald Tinius

   +    384   M      ii.        Leslie Robert Tinius

   +    385   F      iii.        Valerie Susan Tinius

   +    386   M     iv.        David Sanford Tinius

 169.  James Richard Tinius

     James married Ruth Evelyn McQueen. Ruth was born on 17 Jun 1923 in MS and died on 22 Nov 2000 in Biloxi, Harrison Co., MS.

 The child from this marriage was:

   +    387   F         i.        Darlene Rae Tinius

     James next married Marian Alicia Denend, daughter of Robert Leon Denend and Ruth Denend.

 The child from this marriage was:

         388   M       i.        James Richard Tinius was born on 23 Feb 1964 in Biloxi, MS and died on 13 May 1989 in Trapper Creek, AK.

     James next married Blanche Stradeski.

 170.  Rosamary Karen Tinius

     Rosamary married John Oliver Iverson, son of Erwin Wilde Iverson and Violet Macmillan.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    389   F         i.        Cynthia Rose Iverson

         390   M      ii.        Kenneth Erwin Iverson

 171.  Frank Ewart Tinius

     Frank married Carolyn Jean Sturdivant. Carolyn was born on 18 Nov 1941 and died on 10 Nov 2007.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    391   F         i.        Rochelle Kathleen Tinius

   +    392   F       ii.        Rhonda Kay Tinius

         393   M     iii.        Richard Keith Tinius

    Richard married Robin Drake.

     Frank next married Ingeborg Rosa Maas, daughter of Nickolas Maas.

 The child from this marriage was:

         394   F         i.        Johanna Sarina Scheffer

 172.  Cynthia Ann Tinius

     Cynthia married Emil Ray Nolan, son of Raymond Melton Nolan and Verlie Ruth Winstead.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    395   F         i.        Christine Nolan

   +    396   F       ii.        Angela Kay Nolan

         397   F      iii.        Lisa Nolan

 173.  Peggy Jean Tinius

    Peggy married Richard D. McCormick, son of James Stephen McCormick and Helen Beatty.

 Children from this marriage were:

         398   M       i.        Richard D. McCormick

   +    399   M      ii.        Jeremy K. McCormick

   +    400   M     iii.        Emmett McCormick

    Peggy next married Marvin D. Wright.

 Children from this marriage were:

         401   M       i.        Marvin D. Wright

   +    402   M      ii.        Jeremy K. Wright

 174.  Shirley Ann Tinius

     Shirley married Dale Ray Jones.

 The child from this marriage was:

         403   F         i.        Jennifer Sue Jones was born on 15 Mar 1965 in Las Vegas, NV and died on 22 Jun 2007.

     Shirley next married Paul Merrill Burrows.

 176.  David Earle Tinius

     David married Beverly Jean Andersen.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    404   F         i.        Suzanne Michele Tinius

         405   F       ii.        Julie Anne Tinius

    Julie married James Robert Dugan.

 177.  Jack Leland Tinius

     Jack married Donna Elizabeth Young.

 Children from this marriage were:

         406   M       i.        Jr. Jack Leland Tinius Jr.

         407   F       ii.        Jillian Leigh Tinius

 178.  William August Tinius

     William married Dorthy Claire Caves.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    408   M       i.        William Scott Tinius

         409   F       ii.        Lisa Claire Tinius

         410   F      iii.        Annette Marie Tinius

 179.  William Harold Tinius was born on 25 Nov 1908 and died on 27 Oct 2003 in Ownesboro, Daviess Co., KY.

     William married Myrtle Elaine Potts.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    411   F         i.        Cheryle Elaine Tinius

         412   M      ii.        Larry Harold Tinius

 180.  Jennie Louise Tinius was born on 22 Aug 1910 and died on 30 Jun 1980 in Daviess County, KY.

     Jennie married Otis Kenneth Sublett on 22 Jun 1934 in Daviess County, KY. Otis was born on 3 Dec 1913 and died on 28 May 1994 in Philpot, Daviess, KY.

 Children from this marriage were:

         413   M       i.        Donald Elton Sublett

     Donald married Virginia Sue Brown.

   +    414   F       ii.        Dorothy Louise Sublett

 181.  Thelma E. Tinius was born on 2 Feb 1917 in Daviess Co., KY and died in Feb 1975.

     Thelma married David Camp. David was born on 18 Aug 1913 and died on 16 Jan 1987.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    415   M       i.        Darrel E. Camp

         416   M      ii.        Gerald David Camp was born on 16 Nov 1939 in Daviess Co., KY, died on 12 Dec 1939 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY, and was buried on 13 Dec 1939 in Rose Hill Cemetery.

   +    417   F      iii.        Jean Ellen Camp

         418   M     iv.        David E. Camp

     David married Gale Chapman.

         419   F        v.        Sharon Gale Camp

     Sharon married William Pagan.

         420   M     vi.        Stephen Clark Camp

         421   F     vii.        Rebecca Lynn Camp

     Rebecca married Hatfield.

 182.  Helen Mae Tinius was born on 22 Jul 1918 and died in Oct 1981.

     Helen married Frank Allen Ray. Frank was born on 12 Jun 1904 and died in Oct 2006 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.

 Children from this marriage were:

         422   M       i.        Ross Allen Ray was born on 15 Jun 1945 and died on 29 Aug 1999.

         423   F       ii.        Linda Carol Ray

         424   F      iii.        Jane Ann Ray

 183.  James Marvin Tinius was born on 4 Jan 1919 in Daviess Co., KY, died on 8 May 2008 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY, and was buried on 12 May 2008 in Owensboro Memorial Gardens.

     James married Alberta Boyd about 1943. Alberta was born on 24 Mar 1923, died on 7 May 2008 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY, and was buried on 12 May 2008 in Owensboro     Memorial Gardens.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    425   F         i.        Sandra June Tinius

   +    426   F       ii.        Pamela Kaye Tinius

 185.  Doris Deane Tinius was born on 25 Feb 1928 in Daviess Co., KY, died on 21 Feb 2011 in Madisonville, KY, and was buried on 23 Feb 2011 in Odd Fellows Cemetery.

     Doris married L. W. Simpson.

 Children from this marriage were:

         427   F         i.        Susan Gayle Simpson was born on 19 Mar 1956 in Daviess Co., KY and died on 31 May 1956.

         428   F       ii.        Katherine Ellen Simpson

         429   F      iii.        Sara Jane Simpson

         430   F      iv.        Carol Ann Simpson

 187.  Samuel Pierce Bailey was born on 21 Sep 1916 in Daviess Co., KY and died on 20 Oct 1981 in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

     Samuel married Adaline Flora.

 Children from this marriage were:

         431   M       i.        Staab Jones Bailey

         432   F       ii.        Lori Ann Bailey

     Lori married Scott Eugene McCullough.

 189.  Ila Kathryn Bailey

     Ila married Donald V. Newman. Donald was born on 12 Mar 1925 and died on 10 Nov 1996 in Berwyn, Custer, NE.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    433   M       i.        Daniel Rae Newman

         434   M      ii.        Gary Eugene Newman

 190.  Karl Lynn Bailey was born on 25 Apr 1923 and died on 1 Oct 1995 in Berwyn, Custer, NE.

     Karl married Nola Grimm.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    435   F         i.        Cheryl Eilene Bailey

   +    436   M      ii.        Neil Lynn Bailey

   +    437   F      iii.        Jacqueline Lee Bailey

   +    438   M     iv.        Thomas Murry Bailey

   +    439   F        v.        Joy Ann Bailey

191.  Nelda Lucille Bailey

     Nelda married Edwin Andrew Lecorchick. Edwin was born on 19 Jul 1922 and died on 11 Jan 1994.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    440   M       i.        Charles Joseph Lecorchick

   +    441   F       ii.        Jenny Lou Lecorchick

 192.  Marvin Murray Bailey was born on 8 Aug 1927 and died on 1 May 1989 in Arnold, Nebraska.

     Marvin married Sadonna Thessen.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    442   M       i.        Bradley Phillip Bailey

         443   M      ii.        Marvin Lynn Bailey

   +    444   M     iii.        Scott Randall Bailey

     Marvin next married Doris Hofer.

The child from this marriage was:

         445   M       i.        Matthew Allen Bailey

 193.  Bonnie Lou Bailey was born on 30 Oct 1932 and died on 4 Jul 2012.

     Bonnie married William Lloyd Sherman. William was born on 26 Jul 1931 and died on 11 May 2000 in Mumford, Monroe Co., NY.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    446   F         i.        Rebecca Lea Sherman

   +    447   M      ii.        William Lloyd Sherman

   +    448   F      iii.        Elizabeth Lisa Sherman

   +    449   F      iv.        Kathryn Luanne Sherman

 195.  Emma Winifred Tinius was born on 17 Oct 1917 and died on 27 Sep 2009 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY.

    Emma married Denzil G. Probus. Denzil was born on 11 Aug 1919 and died on 25 Dec 2000 in Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY.

 Children from this marriage were:

         450   M       i.        William Dyer Probus

         451   F       ii.        Janet Griffith Probus

         452   M     iii.        Robert Denzil Probus

         453   M     iv.        John Marc Probus

 196.  Ada Virginia Tinius was born on 19 Jan 1920 in Philpot, Daviess, KY, died on 8 May 2004 in Fordsville, Ohio, KY, and was buried on 11 May 2004 in Rosehill Cemetery, Owensboro, KY.

     Ada married Noble H. Midkiff.

 Children from this marriage were:

         454   F         i.        Rebecca Sue Midkiff

         455   F       ii.        Jane Hoover Midkiff

   +    456   M     iii.        James Larry Midkiff

 199.  Richard Scott Sahlie

    Richard married Joanne Brun.

 Children from this marriage were:

         457   F         i.        Laurie Virginia Sahlie

         458   F       ii.        Connie Jean Sahlie

         459   M     iii.        William Scott Sahlie

         460   M     iv.        James Paul Sahlie

 200.  William Finley Sahlie was born on 8 Mar 1933 and died on 15 Aug 1996 in Wetumpka, Elmore, AL).

     William married Shirley Patterson.

 Children from this marriage were:

         461   F         i.        Virginia Sahlie

         462   F       ii.        Elizabeth Sahlie

 203.  William McArthur Guilfoil was born on 21 Apr 1915 in Ohio and died on 26 Jun 2008 in Columbus, Polk, North Carolina.

     William married Wilma Louise Collins, daughter of Elbert Scott Collins and Anna May Reed.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    463   M       i.        William Mcarthur Guilfoil

         464   M      ii.        Jon Scott Guilfoil

 204.  Martha Evelyn Guilfoil was born on 18 Aug 1917 in Cincinnati. OH and died on 13 Jan 2005 in McKinney, TX.

     Martha married Ira Ralph Dahlman, son of Rudolph Dahlman and Mabel Holtberg.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    465   F         i.        Marylin Martha Dahlman

   +    466   M      ii.        Ira Ralph Dahlman

 205.  William Curtis Garner was born on 23 Aug 1913 in Breckinridge, KY and died on 27 Jan 2000 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA.

     William married Winnefred Barbara Tellier.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    467   F         i.        Kay Sharon Garner

         468   F       ii.        Wyona Lee Garner

         469   F      iii.        Peggy Sue Garner

 208.  Lenore Jean Tinius was born on 21 Dec 1925 in Webb, IA and died on 18 Sep 2013 in Pocahontas, IA.

     Lenore married Mark Otto Kyle, son of Homer O. Kyle and Netta J. Aschenbrenner.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    470   F         i.        Karoll Jean Kyle

         471   F       ii.        Paula Jane Kyle

     Paula married Allen Grothe.

   +    472   M     iii.        David Mark Kyle

   +    473   M     iv.        Robert Dean Kyle

 209.  Avis Elaine Tinius

     Avis married Rodney Paul Moor, son of Paul Haven Moor and Hazel Marion Clark.

 Children from this marriage were:

         474   F         i.        Julia Ann Moor

         475   F       ii.        Diana Lynn Moor

        476   M     iii.        Paul Michael Moor

 210.  Robert Lee Tinius

     Robert married Dolores Eileen Brown, daughter of Arthur L. Brown and Marcella E. Parks.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    477   F         i.        Gayle Lynn Tinius

   +    478   F       ii.        Barbara Lee Tinius

   +    479   F      iii.        Debra Jean Tinius

         480   M     iv.        Jason Robert Tinius

         481   F        v.        Julie M. Tinius

 211.  Hobert Roger Tinius was born on 9 Jul 1936 in Ayrshire, IA and died on 2 Nov 1993 in Mansfield, Richland Co. OH.

     Hobert married Mary Louise Kuker, daughter of Martin G. Kuker and Luella M. Remme.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    482   F         i.        Pamela Marie Tinius

         483   M      ii.        Michael Roger Tinius

     Michael married Alison Jean Kimball.

   +    484   F      iii.        Jennifer Rose Tinius

         485   M     iv.        James Lee Tinius

 212.  Marline Alice Tinius

     Marline married Everett Bernard Pannkuk.

 Children from this marriage were:

         486   M       i.        Jaeth Pannkuk

         487   M      ii.        Mathew York Pannkuk

         488   M     iii.        Jason Kyle Pannkuk

         489   F      iv.        Erin Elizabeth Pannkuk

         490   M      v.        Everett Bernard Pannkuk

         491   M     vi.        Erick Paul Pannkuk

 213.  Janet Lynn Budack

     Janet married Robert Fredrick Dumbaugh.

 Children from this marriage were:

  +    492   M       i.        Daniel Fredrick Dumbaugh

   +    493   M      ii.        Thomas Martin Dumbaugh

   +    494   F      iii.        Sarah Elizabeth Dumbaugh

 215.  Patricia Ann Tinius

     Patricia married Eugene Felix Budelier.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    495   M       i.        Ronald Eugene Budelier

   +    496   M      ii.        John Alan Budelier

   +    497   M     iii.        Gregory Scott Budelier

   +    498   M     iv.        Jeffery Paul Budelier

         499   M      v.        Timothy Owen Budelier

     Timothy married Kathleen Sue Kaiser.

 217.  Sandra Sue Tinius

     Sandra married Daniel L. Knoblauch.

 The child from this marriage was:

         500   F         i.        Kimberly Rae Knoblauch

 218.  Elizabeth Payne Chapin

     Elizabeth married Robert Wood Hinton, son of Robert Wood Hinton and Mamie Elizabeth Robertson. Robert was born on 13 Apr 1906 in Georgetown, KY and died on 14 Mar     1988 in Jackson, Hinds Co., MS.

 Children from this marriage were:

         501   F         i.        Elizabeth Susan Hinton

         502   M      ii.        Robin Chapin Hinton

 220.  Dorothy Lorraine Eberhardt was born on 4 Oct 1922 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY and died on 30 Aug 1974 in Mobile, Mobile, AL.

     Dorothy married Audrey Pugh Granade on 7 Jun 1944 in Owensboro, KY. Audrey was born on 12 Dec 1920 in Fankville, Washington, AL and died on 4 Oct 1971 in Mobile, Mobile,     AL.

 Children from this marriage were:

         503   F         i.        Susan Emilie Granade

   +    504   F       ii.        Cynthis Anne Granade

   +    505   F      iii.        Robin Lynne Granade

 221.  Bettye Griffith Eberhardt

     Bettye married Jean Gray Crawford.

 Children from this marriage were:

         506   F         i.        Marilyn Griffith Crawford

         507   F       ii.        Patricia Carol Crawford

         508   M     iii.        Mark Lee Crawford

         509   F      iv.        Jill Gray Crawford

         510   M      v.        Jonathan Ben Crawford

 223.  James Otis Marret was born on 6 Jun 1936 in Daviess Co., KY and died on 14 Sep 2006.

     James married Janice Whittaker.

 Children from this marriage were:

         511   F         i.        April Renee Marret

         512   F       ii.        Melanie Alane Marret

         513   F      iii.        Natalie Jane Marret

 224.  William Herbert Marret was born on 20 Jun 1939 in Daviess Co., KY and died on 11 Sep 2007.

     William married Janice Bennett.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    514   F         i.        Pamela Jane Marret

   +    515   F       ii.        Tamara Sue Marret

   +    516   M     iii.        William Gregory Marret

 225.  Dianna Day Tinius

     Dianna married Lance John Motowicki.

 Children from this marriage were:

         517   M       i.        Lance John Motowicki Jr.

     Lance married Stephanie Lineberry.

   +    518   F       ii.        Jill Dianne Motowicki

 226.  Deborah Kay Tinius

     Deborah married Steven S. Crone.

 Children from this marriage were:

         519   F         i.        Emily Allyson Crone

         520   F       ii.        Julie Rebecca Crone

 227.  Eddie Lee Tilden

     Eddie married Thurman.

 Children from this marriage were:

         521   F         i.        Cheryl Thurman

         522   M      ii.        Douglas Thurman

         523   F      iii.        Marsha Thurman

 228.  John Robert Rumpel

     John married someone.

 His children were:

         524   F         i.        Cynthia Louise Rumpel

         525   F       ii.        Robin Lynn Rumpel

         526   F      iii.        Vickie Lee Rumpel

 229.  June Lee Rumpel

     June married Edward Neeley.

 Children from this marriage were:

         527   M       i.        Howard Edward Neeley

         528   F       ii.        Roberta Louise Neeley

         529   F      iii.        Lisa Kathryn Neeley

 230.  John Robert Wigginton was born on 24 Jan 1937 and died in May 1976.

     John married someone.

 His children were:

         530   F         i.        Donna Ray Wigginton

         531   F       ii.        Donna Lee Wigginton

 236.  Orran Story

     Orran married someone.

 His children were:

         532   M       i.        Stephen Story

         533   M      ii.        Ronald Story

         534   F      iii.        Denise Louise Story

 238.  Harvey D. Story

    Harvey married someone.

 His children were:

         535   F         i.        Jackie Marie Story

         536   F       ii.        Lee Ann Story

 239.  June Marie Story

     June married D. Harrod.

 Children from this marriage were:

         537   M       i.        Mickel Harrod

         538   F       ii.        Linda Harrod

 245.  Frederick Albert Tinius

     Frederick married Patricia Ann Green, daughter of Earnst J. Green and Margaret McLamore. Patricia was born on 29 Oct 1941 and died on 29 Nov 2005 in New Albany, Floyd     Co., IN.

 Children from this marriage were:

         539   F         i.        Tonya K. Tinius

     Tonya married Kyle D. Brady.

   +    540   F       ii.        Gayle Ann Tinius

         541   F      iii.        Susan Marie Tinius

 246.  Rose Marie Tinius

     Rose married Leroy Addison Miller, son of Merle Francis Miller and Stella Arnz Tinder.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    542   F         i.        Theresa Marie Miller

   +    543   F       ii.        Madonna Sue Miller

   +    544   M     iii.        Robert Leroy Miller

         545   M     iv.        Steven Troy Miller

         546   F        v.        Laura Lee Miller

 248.  Richard Paul Tinius

     Richard married Violet Louise Wilson.

 Children from this marriage were:

         547   F         i.        Jennifer Lynn Tinius

   +    548   M      ii.        Todd Lee Tinius

   +    549   F      iii.        Leigh Ann Tinius

 252.  Thomas Allen Tinius

     Thomas married Wanda Fay Trent.

 The child from this marriage was:

         550   F         i.        Shanna Lenora Tinius

 256.  Joseph Russell Tinius

     Joseph married Kathryn J. Strozdas.

 Children from this marriage were:

         551   M       i.        Christopher Lee Tinius

         552   F       ii.        Kelly Marie Tinius

         553   M     iii.        Casey Alan Tinius

 258.  George Robert Tinius

     George married Demaris Ann Jackson.

 Children from this marriage were:

         554   F         i.        M Tinius

         555   F       ii.        Ann T Tinius

 266.  Patricia Marie Block

     Patricia married James Francis Geswein, son of Willard Francis Geswein and LaVerne Smith.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    556   M       i.        Keith Francis Geswein

         557   M      ii.        Eric James Geswein

 268.  Nancy Ann Block

     Nancy married Thomas Steinert.

 The child from this marriage was:

         558   F         i.        Suzanne Delaney Steinert

     Nancy next married Kevin Miller.

 274.  Carol Sue Tinius

     Carol married Fountain.

 The child from this marriage was:

         559   F         i.        Taylor Marie Fountain

 277.  Helen Louise Perkins

     Helen married Don C. Rishoi.

 Children from this marriage were:

         560   F         i.        Christy Lynn Rishoi

         561   M      ii.        Niel Christian Rishoi

 278.  Phylis Elaine Perkins

     Phylis married Ronald C. Lister.

 The child from this marriage was:

   +    562   F         i.        Carey Lister

     Phylis next married Billy D. Armitage.

 The child from this marriage was:

         563   M       i.        Robin L. Armitage

 279.  Karen Elizabeth Perkins

     Karen married Claude N. Bowman.

     Karen next married Billy G. Mace.

 The child from this marriage was:

         564   M       i.        Stephen Aaron Mace

 290.  Vicki Lee Veloso

     Vicki married David Krym.

 Children from this marriage were:

         565   M       i.        Michael Krym

         566   F       ii.        Leanne Krym

         567   F      iii.        Bettina Krym

     Vicki next married Harvey Williams.

 291.  Arlene Yvonne Angel

     Arlene married James G. Corley.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    568   M       i.        Jeffery Argyll Corley

   +    569   M      ii.        Bryan James Corley

         570   F      iii.        Joy Lynn Corley

 298.  Jeffrey Judson Tinius

    Jeffrey married Janice Lee Oliver.

 The child from this marriage was:

         571   M       i.        Judd Tinius

     Judd married Peta Townsend.

 299.  Brian Earl Tinius

    Brian married Doris Kairath.

 The child from this marriage was:

         572   M       i.        Dustin Daniel Tinius

 300.  Bradley David Tinius was born on 12 Jan 1953 in Seattle, WA.

     Bradley married Melinda Strong.

 Children from this marriage were:

         573   F         i.        Sarah Kylie Tinius

         574   F       ii.        Megan Grace Tinius

     Bradley next married Bonnie Watts.

 301.  Mark Ernest Lane

     Mark married Mona Frances Kallies.

 The child from this marriage was:

         575   F         i.        Melanie Leslee Lane

     Mark next married Terry Boone.

 The child from this marriage was:

         576   F         i.        Alexandrea Judith Lane

 302.  Grant Earling Lane

     Grant married Kay Meriwether.

     Grant next married Ann Herfort Thompson.

 Children from this marriage were:

         577   F         i.        Scarlet Ann Lane

         578   M      ii.        Logan Grant Lane

 304.  Timothy David Tinius

     Timothy married Cynthis Mac Kenzie.

 The child from this marriage was:

         579   M       i.        Kenneth Mac Kenzie Tinius

 305.  Christopher Nelson Tinius

     Christopher married Jan Leslie Colbert.

 Children from this marriage were:

         580   F         i.        Molly Rebeka Tinius

         581   F       ii.        Lillian Mae Tinius

         582   F      iii.        Emma Kathryn Tinius

 306.  Carolyn Suzanne Tinius

     Carolyn married Bruno Vincent Rossi. Bruno was born on 26 Jul 1948 in Arma Di Taggia, Italy and died on 27 Dec 1996.

 The child from this marriage was:

         583   M       i.        David Giacomo Rossi

 307.  Jennifer Marie Tinius

     Jennifer married Darrell Leon Harder.

 Children from this marriage were:

         584   M       i.        Timothy Richard Harder

         585   M      ii.        Lee Wescott Harder

         586   M     iii.        Daniel Christopher Harder

 308.  Konrad Stephen Tinius

     Konrad married Karren Marie Wheeler.

 Children from this marriage were:

   +    587   F         i.        Andrea Clare Tinius

   +    588   M      ii.        Graham David Tinius

     Konrad next married Joan Furlong.

 314.  Sarah Lynn Tinius

     Sarah married Russel Vance Thornton.

 Children from this marriage were:

         589   F         i.        Katherine Ann Thornton

         590   F       ii.        Ann Elizabeth Thornton

 315.  Gwendolyn Joyce Tinius

     Gwendolyn married Franciso Canal.

 Children from this marriage were:

         591   M       i.        Richard Joseph Canal

         592   M      ii.        Nicolas Albert Canal

         593   F      iii.        Victoria Clara Canal

 317.  Allen Richard Tinius

     Allen married Charlotte Yvonne Everett.

 Children from this marriage were:

         594   M       i.        Joshua Mical Tinius

     Joshua married Tera Allison Hancock.

   +    595   M      ii.        Lucas Alexander Tinius

         596   M     iii.        Nathan Richard Tinius

     Nathan married Marquis Paige Wilson.

         597   F      iv.        Casey Rebecca Tinius

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