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This is drawing of the original land that Charles August purchased in 1864,and the cemetery is in the upper right corner of the property. The road that leads up to the cemetery is about 2.6 miles east of the intersection of US 60 and Kentucky 144.





The original purchase by Charles August Tinius 22 July 1864 was purchased from the heirs of D. J. Stephens and the original description is as follows:

On the waters of Bull Creek and bounded as follow, to wit:

Beginning at Caleb Hawkins’ corner in Albert Millers line in Bull Creek, thence with Millers line North 18 East 124 poles to two Red oaks and Hickory his corner also corner to the McKim place, now Tinius, thence with Tineus’ line North 70 East 146 poles to a beeches his corner in Hardins’ now G. Allen’s line, thence with All’s line South 84 poles to a sugartree, Ash and Elm, now down, A sugartree and dogwood blazed, thence with his line East 54 poles to two beeches Murry’s corner in All’s line, thence with Murray’s line, South 97 ˝ poles to a white oak and sugartree his corner, also corner to John All’s 130 acres, thence with All’s line the same course continued 61 poles to Caleb Hawkins’ corner in the Creek with the meanderings there of to the beginning.

The original transaction was witnessed by Caleb Hawkins and S. D. Haynes

Deed Book 2 pages 88-89

Price $300.00 per acre

* * * * * * *

The following is a list of owners of  land in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky owned by Charles A. Tinius at the time of his death. Tract I is basically the same tract of land which he originally purchased in 1864, only a few portions having been sold.. Tract II was purchased from Vivion Daniel on 27 Nov 1886. Since the death of Charles Tracts I and. II have continued to he sold as a package with no other portions being sold separately.

The descriptions of the land have remained the same, however the various deeds read differently with proper names as neighboring properties have been sold, otherwise the land dimensions have remained the same. The descriptions of the two tracts of land read as follows:

Tract I Beginning at a beech in Hardin’s line thence S 70 W 140 poles to a hickory and two red oaks, thence N. 7 W. 130 poles to a beech and dogwood, thence N. 70 E. 156 poles to a white oak and two iron woods, thence S. passing Hardin’s corner and with his line to the beginning, containing 113 acres more or less.

Tract II Beginning at a hickory and two red oaks in said Chas Tinius’ line, thence with his line N.8 W. 136 poles to a beech and dogwood his corner, thence S.75 W. 44 poles to a beech near a branch known as Brown’s corner, thence S 10 W.81 poles to two sugar trees, thence N. 82 E19 poles to two hickories thence S.24 ˝ N.30 poles to an elm and. thence S64 E.46 poles to the beginning containing 38 acres 2 rods and 16 poles more or less.

In January of 1872 Charles Tinius sold approximately 110 Acres of land to his brother William Tinius. On the 17 day June 1882  Charles purchased the property from his brother William.

On the 11th day of April 1874 Charles purchased the Jacob Miller (Dec) property from his heirs approximately thirty eight acres.

On the 24th day of March 1885 Charles and his son James purchased  80 acres from Alfred Adams and Roxy his wife.

On the 27th day of November 1886 Charles purchased another parcel of land from Vivion Daniel and Vitula his wife.

On the 13th day of November 1896 Charles purchased 136 acre parcel of land from Virgil and Hannah Hardin.

The transactions from 1906 to 1973 are as follows:

I           8 March 1906 heirs of Charles A. Tinius, dec’d  to James S. Tinius and Mary Jane, his wife. The heirs being; Caroline, widow; Amanda Basham, daughter; William A. Tinius, son; Charles A. Tinius, son; Mary Unser, daughter

            Deed Book 7, p 298  Price $1,560.00 (Caroline — 600.00, each other named heir — 240.00)

II          1 September 1919, James S. Tinius and Mary Jane his wife, Post Office address of Gordon. Kansas,  to Charles A. Tinius and Sallie, his wife, Post Office address of Stephensport

Deed Book 68, P 61  Price $3,250

III        26 December 1919, C. A. Tinius and Sallie, his wife of Stephensport, Ky to Robert Weedman and Katie, his wife of Cloverport, Ky and J. T. Weedman and and Emma Lee his wife of Sample, Ky

Deed Book 68 p 242

Price $1

IV        10 January 1925 Robert and Katie L. his wife and J. T. Weedman and Emma. Lee, his wife to C. A. Tinius and Sallie his wife

Deed Book 71, p 572  Price $1,950.00

V         12 January 1925 C. A. Tinius and Sallie. his wife of’ Stephensport, Ky to James McCoy and Bernard McCoy of  Stephenport, Ky

Deed Book 71, P 582

VI        4 April 1926, James McCoy and. Pearl, his wife and Bernard McCoy and Mernie, his wife of Stephensport  to C. A. Tiniu,s and. Sallie, his wife


VII       8 October 1928, C. A. Tinius and Sallie, his wife to Flora Garrett and her bodily hieirs of  Stephensport, Ky

Deed Book 74  p 110

Price $1.00

1 September 1943 William Garrett, et al  to Emmett White & Harold White; Flora Garrett; died. in 1942 leaving as her bodily her son Same Garrett and her daughter Louise  Campbell, also as her heir her husband  Wm. Garrett

Deed Book 82, p 551


12 May 1949Emmett White and Maud his  wife  to L. H. White

Deed. Book 88, p 347 Price $1.00

27 November 1956 L.H. White and Nell Aliene his wife of Cloverport., Ky

to Austin A. Pate and Ethel V., his wife of R#2  Hardinsburg, Ky

Deed Book 88, p 61

Price $1.00

XI        30 August 1958, Austin A. Pate and Ethel., his wife to C. E. Bennett: and Ora. Ellen his wife

Deed Book 100. p 623  Price $1.00

30 March 1973, C. E. Bennett and Ora Elllen, his. wife

to American Smelting and Refining Company, a. New Jersey corporation having its principal office at 120 Broadway, New York, New York 10005

Deed Book 127. P 440-443 Price approximately 379. 33 per acre


The land conveyed by C. E. Bennett rv1 his wife to American Smelting and Refining Company contained two additional tract of land containing 288.3 acres more or less. The total price  received by the Bennetts for the four tracts of land was $166,640, making the price of’ the former Tinius property, containing Tracts I and II, as previously described, $57,278.83.

* * * * * * *

The Tinins Family Cemetery is located on Tract I and since 26 December 1919, when Charles and Sailie Tinius sold the property to Robert and J. T. Weedinan, an exemption has been included in each subsequent deed  reserving approximately 1/10 acre occupied as the family cemetery, with right of way to and from same.

The deed with. American Smelting and refining Company, Deed. Book 127, page 441contains  the following “There is excepted out of the above tract and now conveyed hereby the following described tract of land: Beginning at a black oak in Roland Smith line, thence south 81 west 80 poles to a walnut tree in Emmett White line, thence south 70 west 108 poles to a rock in the old road, thence with the road south 8 east; 24 poles to the begining . .

The family cemetery is located. in Holt, Kentucky and is approximately 2.6 miles north of the of  Kentucky 144 and U.S. 60.  Mr. Wilbur Fuller now (December 1976) occupies the brick home on the east side of highway 144 and the lane to the cemetery runs approximately 5/8 miles east of his home to a former pasture; the cemetery in then located on a hill to the north.

For many years cattle grazed on the property and. although they kept the weeds and grass short, they also tipped over many of the head stones. It was during the Tinius family reunion held in Breckinridge County the summer of 1964 Herman Sahlie (a great nephew of Charles Tinius) spent several days restoring the cemetery. He had the Keith Monument Company of  Elizabethtown reset the stones and procured local men to grub out the under brush  and trim the cedar trees. He and Carl Tinius of  St. Louis (a grandson of Charles Tinius) stake off the plot and had a 35' x 55' ga1vanized chain link fence erected with a gate.

Mr. Sahlie further solicited funds from Tinius descendents to defray the restoration cost of $350.00 and to provide for annual. maintenance. Contributions were made to Mrs. Clyde (Maydee) Haynes % Breckinridge Bank of’ Cloverport; Cloverport, Kentucky. Mrs. Maurice (Vera)  Osborne (granddaughter of  Charles Tinius) agreed to make arrangements for the annual maintenance. Although the total amount of contribution is not known, records of Mrs. 0sborne indicate that C. E. Bennett received annual checks of 10.00 in the years of 1965 1966 and 1967, leaving a balance of 30.00, which was sent to Hennan Salilie on 9 September 1975.

It should be noted. that maintaning the cemetery is not an easy task because of the location and poor road.. Mrs. Bennett would load. the mower on a cart which she then pulled to the cemetery with a tractor. The road to the cemetery is in terrible condition and virtually impassable by car, however in dry weather it can he traveled with a pick—up or similar vehicle.

Despite the restoration and maintenance efforts, the cemetery has not always been in good condition, as evidenced, by the following correspondence. Attached were several letters describing the cemetery over a period of years.


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