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 Tiniusís In The United States


The first appearance of a Tinius migrating to the United States was on October 1, 1754 a Johann Georg Tinius landed in Philadelphia, the Ship Phoenix, Captain John Spurrier. The only other mention of a Johann Georg Tinius was Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776 by Professor I. Daniel Rupp.


On Ju1y 1, 1850 two immigrants from Ireland came to this country aboard the Isaac Wright from Liverpool to New York. A Margaret (age 60) and Susan (age 38) Tinnius, you will notice that the name is spelled with two nís this is not a mistake as a number or the records in Germany our name is spelled with two nís. I have not found any mention in any other information about these two individuals.


On September 5, 1851 a Hanna R. Tinius (age 24) landed in New York aboard the Ocean. I have found no mention in any other records of this person.


On January 19, 1854 the ship Deutschland arrived in New York with  Carl Thinius (Charles August Tinius born Johann Carl Friedrich Tinnius) June 27, 1834 and died May 25, 1905. When he first came to this country he settled in Cannelton, Indiana and worked as a carpenter, in December of 1859 he moved to Breckenridge county Kentucky on January 9, 1860 he married Ann Caroline Behrick , and in 1864 he purchased the land he was living on which was about 175 acre, the property was referred  to as Mount Joseph, he raised sheep, cattle, and grew grapes for his none alcoholic wine. Him and his wife are both buried on a hill above where the farm house still stands. After his death the property was owned by a Tinius until 1921.


On February 11, 1856 the ship Reinhard arrived in New York with Charles Tinius (Karl Friedrich Tinius born as Johann Carl Friedrich Tinnius) and his family. He born Abt 1805 and died November 13, 1874 at the home of Charles August and is buried in the same cemetery. Karlís second wife Caroline died in June 3, 1873 and is buried in a cemetery in Portland a suburb of Louisville. Karl and Karoline oldest son Johann George Friedrich Tinius was in the civil war and died in a field hospital near Corinth, Mississippi.


August 18, 1875 a Theresa Tinius (age 25) arrived in New York aboard the Cimbra. I have found no other records of this person in my research.


July 29, 1876 a Jacob Tinius (age 14) arrived in New York aboard the Gellert, I have found no other records of this person in my research.


On October 18, 1922 Paul (age 32) and Lena (age 27) Tinius arrived and was processed through Ellis Island and were going to the home of Lenaís brother in Norfolk, Nebraska. His fathers address was in Leipzig Germany. This family of Tinius still has relatives in Nebraska and also some have  migrated to Arizona and one is an insurance agent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Letters to this family were never answered.

After 1922 their were a number of Tiniusís that landed in New York but they were visiting this country or they were already citizens.

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